16.11.2016 The terms of delivery was changed on November 16, 2016.
15.01.2016 The calculator of the cost of packing and of consumption of polypropylene films is renewed
06.07.2015 Comparison of automatic machines with semi-automatic PA-500 machine
23.01.2015 Video of packing machines operation is updated
27.05.2014 Advantages and drawbacks of different types of packing
27.03.2014 Wide possibilities of Kalibrius packing machines
03.09.2013 In September 2013 we start to sell a new TS-500 packing machine.
14.12.2012 Promotion price for packing machines
10.05.2012 Optimal solution for packing of napkins packs
06.03.2012 Semiautomatic machines have appeared
17.01.2012 An entry to European markets

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