New TS-500 packing machine


TS-500 packing machine

Striving to cover more fully the scope of the works performed with our machines, and taking into account the wishes of our clients to get the machine with the possibility of packaging of big boxes larger than 40 cm in length, in September 2013 we start to sell a new TS-500 packing machine.

TS-500 is a further development of TS-380, differing from it with a wider top cover allowing mount of rolls of 50 cm width, and enlarged primary thermo-electric heater and enlarged suspension upright. Due to the fact that such wide rolls are heavy, it will be hard to roll them on the roller so solely suspension system of the roll is used, providing lowered resistance when roll unwinding. All the rest of the new device is the same like the previous model.

The new machine allows packing by the źenvelope╗ method such dimensions of boxes, as for example, 35§25§10 cm, 40§30§7 cm, 45§20§4 cm etc. which was impossible on TS-380. Thus, it can be used in group packaging of few bottles of detergent or shampoo in 10-15-20 pieces per box, similarly for candy and confectionery group packaging, as well as tea, coffee, cigarettes, magazines, books and blocks of books, various gift sets and toys.

Due to the large size of boxes the packaging will take more time for wrapping, respectively the average speed is decreased down to 150-180 packages per hour compared to 200 packages per hour on TS-380. The quality of the wrapped object depends on the operator skills.


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