Replaceable modules for PA-500 packing machines

Replaceable module for PA-500 for DVD Amarey & DigiPack slim 9 mm, glass "Super Jewel" 10 mm without thermo shrink
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Replaceable modules (RM) are intended for mounting in PA-500 machines. In a semi-automatic mode PA-500 can pack only one definite box. For example, in a semi-automatic mode PA-500 CD is intended only for Super Jewel CDs packing. Other items such as DVD Slim 7 mm, DVD Slim 9 mm, DVD Digipack etc. can be packed only in a manual mode. Installation of DVD7 replaceable module on PA-500 CD enables you in 20 minutes to pack DVD Slim 7 mm boxes on the same machine in a semi-automatic mode. Hereby machine becomes an universal in the presence of replaceable modules.

On any PA-500 machine (except PA-500CD Slim and PA-500 Spec) any of the following replaceable modules can be installed:

  • BD (BluRay) discs 12 mm
  • BD (BluRay) discs 15 mm
  • DVD Amarey DigiPack slim 7...7,5 mm
  • DVD Amarey DigiPack slim 9 mm
  • DVD Super Jewel glass10 mm
  • DVD Amarey 12 mm
  • DVD Amarey 15 mm
  • CD Jewel 10 mm
  • CD DigiPack 7 mm
  • RM for custom-made box

All machines are manufactured with a preliminary preparation for a quick installation of replaceable modules.

Delivery set: left master-former/ right master-former / fork / pusher (which is interchangeable for many models, so may not be available in the set of delivery) / user guide


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