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Kalibrius TS-200 Wrapping machine BD, DVD, CD, cigarettes, tea, soap etc

BD, DVD, CD, cigarettes, tea, soap etc. Manual machine, thermo shrink, up to 250 packs per hour. "Envelope" type of packing.
Price: 737
Availability: in-stock

Machine can pack:

  • BD (BluRay) discs
  • DVD "Amarey": slim 7.5 mm, slim 9 mm, 15 mm
  • DVD "Super Jewel" 10 mm
  • CD "Super Jewel" 10 mm
  • double CD
  • tea
  • soap
  • perfumes
  • cigarettes
  • candies
  • etc

There is a separate temperature control on both thermo electric heaters, automatic maintenance of temperature in prescribed limits, separate indication of machines thermo electric heaters heating, possibility to turn off 1 thermo electric heater.

TS-200 has two main distinctions from LM-180, it has a support for packed article that makes a packing process easier, and thermo table, that makes TS-200 an attractive for packing of candies, sets of discs, etc. The thermo table allows performing a thermo shrink.

The quality of the packing depends on operators skill. As a rule two hours is enough in order operator could start to work on machine pretty confidently. Machines capabilities and operators qualification allows to get a high quality of the packed box even without an additional thermo shrink. The DVD containing video film with instruction on operation is applied to the machine.

The machine is dependable and not difficult in operation.
Having installed on machine a tear tape dispenser (which is sold separately) you can pack articles with tear tape. The tear tape is unwound simultaneously with polypropylene film and automatically sticks to it. So, use of this option does not draw operators attention away from process and does not complicate his operation.

Engineering data
Productivity 200 packs per hour
Envelope shaping manual
Cutting-off of the film automatic
Temperature range 130170 0
Temperature stability 24 0
Electric power supply for the thermo electric heater and cutting wire 1824 Volts
Film type biaxial oriented polypropylene
Film thickness 2035 micrometers
Maximal width of roll 235 mm
Maximal roll diameter 370 mm
Internal roll diameter 76 mm
Mode of operation twenty-four-hour
Type of packing envelope
Dimension, L * W * H 600 * 290 * 175 mm
Dimension in package 630 * 300 * 220 mm
Weight netto/brutto 10,8 / 11,4 kg
Power consumption 150 Watts
Maximal consumption current 1.53 A

Watch an equipment operation (video)


15.06.2012, 16:55
Can I purchase such machine in a used condition? And how much will it cost? And if the new one, then have I to arrive from Lithuania to see? Where should I go? Is there any office here in Lithuania?
18.06.2012, 09:43
Hello. Today we have no such used machines on offer. To purchase a machine you should not obligatory go toward us. We can send it by transport company such as UAB "Stalker Group", JSC Baltic Spedition, UAB "Multitransas". No, we have no representative office in Lithuania.
02.06.2015, 01:39
I reside in New Jersey, United States. I like your Kalibrius TS-200 Wrapping machine. Do you have the ability to ship to the United States? Please let me know if you do and an approximate rate for shipping. You would be shipping to postal code 07470. Thank you.
02.06.2015, 16:14
Hello, Eric. Yes, we can ship it to the United States and the delivery cost will be somewhere 100-120$, plus customs clearance . The TS-200 price is 712$. Money should be transferred to our USD bank account.

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