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Kalibrius PA-500Spec Semi-automatic wrapping machine

For packing of customers items (tea, perfumery, etc) with or without thermo shrink. Semi-automatic wrapping machine up to 600 packs per hour.
Price: 2 504
Availability: in-stock

Machine is intended for semi-automatic packing of different items in a polypropylene film. In factory it is tuned up for semi-automatic packing of customers item: soap, tea, perfumery, candies, cigarettes, etc.

Separate digital control and temperature indication for two thermo electric heaters, adjustment of cutting wire heating duration, an automatic maintenance of temperature in a prescribed limits, indication of machine heating, general and twenty-four-hour counter of packed items, microprocessor control.

Operators duty is only a primary splicing. Then operator puts an item to a transporter and presses a micro switch. Carriage pushes an item along guiding rails, along shaping side units, along hot thermo electric heaters and ejects it behind the machine, completely packed. Shaping of side flaps was fulfilled automatically. Simultaneously operator can conduct the next primary splicing. This mode when the carriage moves up to the end of tunnel, provides up to 400 packs per hour and is called a full pass of carriage.

To increase productivity up to 600 packs per hour one need to use short pass of carriage. In this case the item to be packed is pushed by the carriage for about 1/3 of the tunnel length then carriage returns to the beginning position. Then operator puts next item on transporter. The carriage again pushes the item for 1/3 of the tunnel length. In such a way the last article starts to push the previous one. Then operator repeats this action with the next article. So all boxes are collected in a queue. In case of need you can press emergency button in any step and carriage will go full tunnel length and push all boxes out.

Note: manufacture of the machine having short pass of carriage depends on the item size and is possible not for any PA-500Spec.

Machines capabilities and operators qualification allows to get a high quality of the packed box. The DVD containing video film with instruction on operation is applied to the machine.

Having installed on machine a tear tape dispenser (which is sold separately) you can pack articles with tear tape. The tear tape is unwound simultaneously with a polypropylene film and automatically sticks to it. So, the use of this option does not draw operators attention away from the process and does not complicate his operation.

Engineering data
Productivity in a semiautomatic mode up to 600 packs per hour
Productivity in a manual mode up to 200 packs per hour
Envelope shaping semiautomatic / manual
Cutting-off of the film automatic
Temperature range 30220 0
Temperature stability 2 0
Electric power supply for the thermo electric heater and cutting wire 1824 Volts
Film type biaxial oriented polypropylene
Film thickness 2035 micrometers
Maximal width of roll 235 mm
Maximal roll diameter 370 mm
Internal roll diameter 76 mm
Thermo shrink as an option
Mode of operation twenty-four-hour
Type of packing envelope
Dimension, L * W * H 695 * 310 * 285 mm
Dimension in package 720 * 300 * 270 mm
Weight netto/brutto 26 / 27 kg
Power consumption 140 Watts
Maximal consumption current 1.01 A

Manufacture of the machine

Basic components are always available. Parts needed for your box are designed specifically and manufactured within 15 working days after concordance of all details and 70-100% prepayment. Before you call us please check compliance of your box dimensions with the machine capabilities:

  • Height: 10-100 mm
  • Depth: depth+height not more than 180 mm, and depth should be not less than height
  • Width: width+4/3 height should be not more 240 mm

Final answer on possibility of packing on PA-500 Spec is possible only after analysis of boxes received from customer. These boxes also will be needed for us to adjust machine later.

Packing samples

Watch an equipment operation (video)


26.05.2012, 11:31
Hello. I need a semi-automatic machine for fresh mushrooms packing, can I use your machine for these purposes, if not, what could you advise in return, productivity from 300 up to 600 containers per hour.
26.05.2012, 13:01
Hello. Yes, it is possible to use semi-automatic PA-500spec machine for this purposes. But before packing on our machine the fresh mushrooms should be prepacked in the boxes of the correct rectangular shape.
28.05.2012, 10:10
And where from can I take PA-500 machine user guide? How to adjust correct modes? How to configure? What temperature should be adjusted?
29.05.2012, 14:22
Michael, 1) We give user guide when selling the machine. 2) The rest of your questions are answered in the user guide. The temperature in our machine is about 140 degrees.
02.06.2012, 14:31
Is it possible to pack 80*130*160 mm boxes?
05.06.2012, 15:29
No. For this machine the size of the object is too large.
10.06.2012, 15:51
It is necessary to pack 10*10*5 mm candy box, is it possible???
11.06.2012, 09:22
Yes, it is possible.
19.06.2012, 11:46
Good day, does this machine fit for packing of filtered cigarettes? Do you have machines for the production of cigarettes?
22.06.2012, 18:19
Hello. Yes, we can make such a machine for your cigarettes pack. We do not have equipment for cigarettes manufacture. Our profile is solely packing equipment.
28.06.2012, 14:23
Hello Is it possible to make the machine for tea packing? As well as for the standard size apples packing? What is the price of this? With Respect, Roman
29.06.2012, 18:22
Yes. It is possible to produce a machine for the tea boxes packing. We need only to know the box dimensions. You cannot pack the standard size apples on such a machine, the object must have a rectangular shape.
11.07.2012, 11:16
Is it possible to wrap boxes with tea 130x130?
13.07.2012, 15:24
In order to evaluate the possibility of these boxes packing, we also need to know the third size.
23.07.2012, 15:15
Hi! I want to purchase this machine, is it available? Whether the consumables are available? And is there some complication of the machine resetting from the usual pack of cigarettes to a thin one?
26.07.2012, 13:01
Good day. Special semi-automatic machines are assembled to order (for customers object). Accordingly, the film is a special width (depending on object size). The machine resetting as a rule is carried out by the installation of the replaceable modules of a different size. Reconfiguration takes 20-30 minutes.
02.08.2012, 20:06
We need a machine for packing of packs of tea in a shrinkable film. What can you offer?
09.08.2012, 12:19
Equipment for packing of bulk products is not our specialization.
22.08.2012, 23:44
Is it possible to package in semi-automatic mode the perfume boxes of 2005878 mm size, i.e., is it possible to work with a roll of 280 mm width?
24.08.2012, 13:00
You can place on this machine the roll of a maximum width of 240 mm. Only TS-380 machine can work with rolls of more than 240 mm width. The only way to pack this subject on the semiautomatic machine is to do the envelope on the of 58200 mm side.
03.09.2012, 13:33
We intend to start production of disposable tea in boxes of the following sizes: 1) 14 cm length, 5 cm width, 6 cm height, 2) 11.5 cm length, 6.5 cm width, 7.5 cm height. What universal packer can you suggest to pack boxes of both sizes?
07.09.2012, 16:15
Hand machines TS-200 and TS-380 fits for these boxes packing, as well as semi-automatic machine PA-500spec.
05.09.2012, 17:08
Need a machine, preferably an automatic machine for tea packs. What can you offer?
07.09.2012, 15:40
The automated machines for tea packing is not our specialization. For this task we can offer semi-automatic PA-500spec machine, throughput up to 600 containers per hour.
11.09.2012, 14:02
good day dimensions of boxes of tea 12*8.5*5 cm what the machine can offer, at what prices and terms
13.09.2012, 12:45
Manual machines TS-200 and TS-380 fits for these boxes packing. As well as semi-automatic PA-500spec machine.
14.09.2012, 20:34
How long will the procedure of purchase and machine setup take?
17.09.2012, 13:15
Procedure of buying the machine takes about 5-10 minutes. The term of production of the machine for your box is 1-2 weeks. Then machine adjustment may be needed, it takes approximately 1 hour.
20.10.2012, 23:16
We need to pack metal kitchen sponges of irregular shape. Have you some recommendations?
25.10.2012, 13:17
For the packing of metal kitchen sponges of irregular shape we can advise equipment which packs with a seam.
11.04.2015, 03:46
Hallo George and Alex, is there a possibility to use the PA-500 for more than one height and lenght? Or would it be possible to adjust it to this need? I do have two products, both of whom have one 5cm length, but vary in the second length and also in height (5x5x5 and 5x8x2,3). And is there perhaps a picture, where I can see the PA-500 with what you call "short pass of carriage", so that I cann get the idea? Thanks for answering!
14.04.2015, 18:07
Hello Judith, Yes, there is a possibility to use PA-500 for more than one height and lenght. It is an adjustable machine, and in order to adjust it to the other size, you will have to use the replaceable module. Yes, we can produce packing machine for your 505050 and 508023 mm products.
11.04.2015, 13:14
meine Seifen sind 5cm x 7xcm x 2cm oder runde im Durchmesser 60mm. Ist das möglich
14.04.2015, 10:54
Dear Sabine, Yes, it is possible to pack a soap only of 5 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm size and quite impossible to pack a round soap on our Kalibrius PA-500 Spec packing machine.
14.11.2017, 14:59
Hi, is this equipment suitable for packing with dimensions 130 * 110 * 85mm?
14.11.2017, 15:54
Hello Andrzej! Yes, it will do.
17.01.2018, 19:36
Good afternoon! Is it possible to pack boxes 55 * 110 * 160 mm?
18.01.2018, 09:15
Hi. Yes, packing of boxes of this size is possible on this machine.

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