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Self adhesive tear tape: yellow

Self-adhesive tear tape yellow 2 mm / 10'000 m. Yield: 32 000 DVDs. Cost per 1 pack: 0.103 cents.
Price: 33
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Self adhesive tear tape is a narrow firm strip. It is intended for easy opening of packs without knife or scissors.

Area of application: opening of cigarettes, cookies, chewing gum, medical packaging, CD, DVD, etc. The tear tape is uncoiled on the packing machine simultaneously with packaging film, automatically sticking to it.

Technical characteristics
Width, mm 2 (1,2...3,0 custom-made)0,1
Length, m 10 000
Length of spool hub, mm 100
Internal diameter of spool hub, mm 29
Outer diameter of the spool for the tape of 2 mm width, maximum 120
Outer diameter of the spool for the tape of 3 mm width, maximum 140
Spool width, mm 85
Winding crisscrossed, adhesive side inside
Base thickness, micron 262
The total thickness of the tape, micron 375
Mechanical tensile strength, kg/25 mm 24
Specific elongation for break, % 2510
Ultimate tensile strength, kg/mm2 40
Elasticity module (10%), kg/mm2 200
Adhesion test, g/25 mm 400
Country of origin Taiwan
Q-ty in box 8 pcs


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